Angie Austin Gaskill

Licensed in MO and KS

Meet Angie

I am an advocate.

I love to solve problems. I covet the role of champion, advisor, cheerleader. My values, passion, and work ethic are rooted in my family and my faith. I like getting people excited about things I’m excited about—whether it’s a family passion, our beloved sports teams, or my favorite iced tea (with crushed ice) from QT.

I loved my years-long adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area and technology sector, but my sun shines brightest in my home state of Missouri where I’m close to family. In touch with hometown and Mizzou friends. Living among people who call me by first name at the grocery store. My jobs gave me the chance to travel the world, elevate small brands, and develop life-changing campaigns. I have communication, marketing, and event planning experience with clients from varied industries and sectors: non-profits, start-ups, established local brands, global family foundations, and Fortune 50 companies. In 2011, I was honored to be one of Ingram Magazine’s Forty Under 40. A few years ago, a breast cancer diagnosis forced a hiatus from full-time work—that journey taught me most about life and gratitude. Collectively, those experiences gave me skills I use daily in real estate negotiations, educating homebuyers and sellers, working with partners, and effectively marketing our team’s listings.

I’ll never claim to be the world’s best mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, or survivor… but I work hardest at relationships. I’m madly in love with my husband, Mike, my two daughters, and my “bonus” kids. (And sometimes, our ornery dogs.) I strive to make sure those I adore know it—including our REsource partners and clients. That could be why I love this real estate gig. At its core, this business is all about the connections you create.